herbalAire Elite Vaporizer

The herbalAire Elite is a Digital vaporizer capable of Single & Multiple Bag Fill, Direct Inhalation, Whip Inhalation, and Vape Bong Inhalation

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herbalAire Elite Vaporizer Comes With: ​1X – Elite Mouthpiece Kit (Main Mouthpiece, Attachable Crucible, 2 Extensions, 1 Cool Off Chamber, 1 Cleaning Tool, and 1 Cleaning Tube) 1X – 10 Bags (2 Slips Rings, 2 Bags Mouthpiece, 2 Bags Pre-Assembled) 1X – 30 Inch Whip Connectors and Mouthpiece Attached 1X – Elite Air Pump Controlled VIA Pump Timer On OLED Display Features a raised top to allow a higher capacity chamber and a digital OLED screen which allows the user to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit as well as a pump timer to control bag fill time. 3 year manufacturer’s warranty included. *All accessories for the Elite are compatible with the H3* FREE Shipping to North American Included! FREE Shipping Internationally Included


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