Strawberry Cough


THC: 26% Very High
CBD: 00% Very Low

Strain Type
         80% SATIVA


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Buy strawberry Cough weed strain for sale online cheap in USA CANADA and worldwide delivery. Strawberry Cough weed Marijuana strain is a Sativa which packs 27% THC and very low CBD. This strain is an almost pure sativa with 80% level. Order Strawberry Cough (SC) weed strain online cheap.

It gets its name from the sweet smell of like ht berries that has made it famous. This is a good option for people who like fruity cannabis strains and sativa effects. Said to be a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze, Strawberry Cough is a popular choice among people who like to smoke before creative pursuits. And buy weed online legally

Effects of Strawberry Cough weed strain

1,899 people told us about effects:


66% of people report feeling happy
61% of people report feeling uplifted
46% of people report feeling energetic


Dry mouth
27% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
15% of people report feeling dry eyes
6% of people report feeling dizzy

Helps with

38% of people say it helps with stress
34% of people say it helps with anxiety
29% of people say it helps with depression

About Strawberry Cough

Once you have a Strawberry Cough, you’ll already be deep into an 80/20 Sativa giant with mid-20s THC and a flavor that acts like it has something to prove. No one is sure where Strawberry Cough came from but we know its likely origin is from a cross of Erdbeer or Original Haze and an Indica, bred by Kyle Kushman. According to legend, he started with cannabis seeds from a plant growing in a strawberry field on the East coast of the United States (possibly in Vermont somewhere). The result is Strawberry Cough, a strain that will have you feeling social and energetic before you’ve even put down your toke you can also buy lsd online

Whereas most cannabis plants have a terpene distribution of different flavors each at a percentage of <0.5%, Strawberry Cough has one dominant mega-lady in its terpene mix: the seductive Alpha-Pinene. This terpene is the spirit of the outdoors, imparting the scent that runs through coniferous plants like mountain pines. Expectedly, Strawberry Cough is drenched in this outdoorsy aroma, which is relieving and

Strawberry Cough is an easy plant to grow, so long as you keep it inside. Unlike hardier strains, Strawberry Cough is a homebody because of its need for a warm climate. Nighttime temperatures will rob your crop of the quality buds it deserves.

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GROWING TIPS: This strain grows in a bushy pattern that requires frequent pruning. If not, the higher branches will prevent light from powering your lower buds with the energy they need. While the plant appreciates being pruned and taken care of, it can be left to its own devices in a good ol’ fashioned soil growing medium. No need for complicated hydroponics here – just dirt and organic nutrients.

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The strain burns thick and smoky as it gives you a relieving, relaxed high. Strawberry Cough pairs perfectly with people-watching, studying, and reading. If you have ongoing hobbies or arts projects, this is a great strain to get the happy, creative energy you need to keep working. The flavor is fruity with a dash of skunk. And you’ll be smiling this strain, with a hint of cerebral feeling.

Elevated stress levels can be beaten to a pulp with a spicy, fruity skunk from a dose of Strawberry Cough. The buds may be small, but they’re dense and potent, fuzzy with red hairs and wet with crystal trichomes. They’re almost like little strawberries. To relieve mood imbalances like manic depression and ADD, treat pain and fatigue, and jumpstart your appetite in the long afternoons, you can use this strain to paradoxically inhale a cough and see what happens (only good things — we promise).

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